Sewage Treatment Process
Sewage Treatement process
The waste water is mainly from printing, dying and washing.It will be flew through the grille which can remove and stop suspended impurities in the regulating pond. The grille cleaned weekly to ensure the good running. Below is the set of working process: 
  1. The wastewater was pretreated to remove the suspended particles, and the quality and quantity of the wastewater were treated in balance.
  2. The pre-treated wastewater was uniformly lifted to MBBR waste water treatment equipment by using the sewage lift pump, and the waste water was effectively degraded. 
  3. Anaerobic phosphorus release, simultaneous denitrification and nitrification of twice treated wastewater were carried out in the space environment of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic continuous operation of MBBR waste water treatment equipment, organic matter, nitrogen oxide and phosphate are removed from the wastewater to produce a mixed solution of sewage and activated sludge microorganisms. 
  4. The mixed solution of sewage and activated sludge micro organism is separated to get clear water, and the clear water is treated with advanced treatment and ultraviolet disinfection. After disinfection, the tail water is finally reused for greening or directly discharged into the external environment, to achieve the final purification of sewage treatment and waste water recycling.